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Per clavicembalo moderno

Gośka Isphording - harpsichord

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The star of this recording is the extraordinary talented and original Gośka Isphording. For this recording she has used two different types of instrument - an historical copy and a modern pedal harpsichord. The baroque copy made it possible to faithfully reproduce the vision of the composers who wished to write in the 'spirit of the period', returning to the delicate sounds of the old instruments. However the contemporary harpsichord doesn't have quite such a subtle sound but does have a broader palette as a result of the varied registers made available with the help of the pedals, as opposed to the baroque method of using hand operated jacks. On this recording, Per clavicembalo moderno we find compositions by contemporary Polish composers for harpsichord and for harpsichord and tape. There are contributions by the older generation - W. Kotoński, Z. Bargielski, Z. Krauze, through the middle generation - M. Ptaszyńska, H. Kulenty, the younger generation - represented by M. Chyrzyński and W. Widłakm right to the youngest - A. Gryka. Some of the composers discarded the historical tradition and took on the sharp sound and wealth of the modern pedal instrument. In some of the other pieces they chose the simple colours of the baroque copy. In closing it should be noted that the CD Per clavicembalo moderno released by PWM/DUX is the first collection of harpsichord compositions by Polish composers, firmly rooted in a near century of deep tradition. [Magdalena Chmielowska]

  • Language of edition: eng, pol
  • No. of edition: 1
  • Published: 2008
  • Type: CD

Table of contents:

Kotoński Włodzimierz

Aurora borealis for harpsichord and tape

Widłak Wojciech

Chromatic Fantasy for harpsichord

Krauze Zygmunt

Commencement for harpsichord

Kulenty Hanna

E for E for harpsichord

Bargielski Zbigniew

Le cristal flamboyant for harpsichord and tape

Gryka Aleksandra

Nonstopping for harpsichord

Chyrzyński Marcel

Reflection No.2 for harpsichord

Ptaszyńska Marta

Touracou for harpsichord
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