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RiFFFonia, Semi-overture

for String Orchestra

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  • ISBN ISSN: 9788362030552


RiFFFonia was influenced by the idea of blending tradition and modernity. The string orchestra was treated both as a traditional, ''classical'' string orchestra, but also-with the help of characteristic treatment - like a rock band. The main assumptions during the course of the form was the use of opposites: melancholic, widely phrased melodies placed in opposition to the sharpness, dynamics and vitality of rock riffs. The entirety gos to show just how the string orchestra can be contemporary and multifaceted. [Paweł Pietruszewski] A one movement work which was awarded a distinction in 2012 at the Jubilee X Tadeusz Ochlewski Composition Competition organised by PWM. ''What is a Semi-overture? Or rather what can a Semi-overture be? An introduction to some larger whole, a form which may or may not exist? Or perhaps an introduction to something which exists only in our subconscious and for which we impatiently wait? Or, rather, a combination of overture with another form? Or an ordinary overture but incomplete or reduced in some respects? ''[Adam Porębski]

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