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Żelazowa Wola - The History of Chopin's Birthplace

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  • ISBN ISSN: 978-83-61142-73-7


The history of Żelazowa Wola is inseparably connected with Fryderyk Chopin. It is the place where the Polish composer was born, over 200 years ago. And despite the fact that Chopin’s parents moved to Warsaw when Fryderyk was an infant, the whole family regularly returned to Żelazowa Wola during holidays and feast days.
This new book by Mariola Wojtkiewicz sets in order for the first time the history of Żelazowa Wola from the moment when Ludwika Skarbek bought the manor up to the present day. On the basis of documents and sources, the author sought to verify and account for some mistakes and false conclusions present in the conventional wisdom. As well as new details and findings, this book is enriched with numerous illustrations.

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  • Number of pages: 244
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