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20th Century Easy Piano Collection

28 pieces for the early grades

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  • Nr kat. 506102622

  • Kod producenta: BH 102622


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Little Toccata from Diversions (Fine)
A Walk on the Beach (Norton)
Autumn Dreams from Poetic Fancies (Poldini)
Gay Story from 6 Children's Pieces (Shostakovich)
Infinity from Sound Pictures (Diemer)
Kinderstuck (Webern)
Lake Lonely Rough-and-Tumble from Piano Miscellany (Binkerd)
Life of a Shadow (Hogarth)
Little Legend (Goldschmidt)
Lumen Christi (MacMillan)
Menuet voor Marianne (Andriessen)
Pipe Tune, Bells from Colla Sinistra (Rowley)
Regrets and rags (York)
Rigadoon (Barratt)
Silent & Soft & Slow Descends the Snow from Fantasies for Piano Solo Bk2 (Benjamin)
Slumber Song from Cameos for Young Pianists (Esipoff)
The Blue Cockatoo from Chelsea Sketches (Besly)
The Juggle (Kenins)
The Little Men, Rain from 7 Pictures for Piano (Rooper)
The Magic Cave from Land O'Faery (Eden)
To an African Violet from Suite a la mode (Wolford)
Valse pour les enfants (Stravinsky)
Visions Fugitives 17 (Prokofieff)
Waltz from Miniature Pastorals 1st set (Bridge)
Whimsies, 2nd set, no 3 (Taylor)

  • ISMN 9790060110696
  • Wersja językowa wydania: eng
  • Liczba stron: 62
  • Oprawa: miękka
  • Postaci: instrument solo
  • Format: N4 stojący (235x305 mm)

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