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Jan Oleszkowicz

Jan Oleszkowicz


Oleszkowicz Jan, born 30 IX 1947, Jelenia Góra, Polish composer and pedagogue. After learning to play the violin, piano and clarinet at the State Music Liceum in Wrocław he undertook composition studies at the PWSM in Warsaw with G. Bacewicz and A. Dobrowolski (1971 Diploma with Distinction) and at the Conservatory in Paris with O. Messiaen, I. Malec and G. Reibel (1980 Diploma „à l’unanimité” in composition and electro-acoustic music). In 1978 he took an internship in composition with Y. Xenakis in Aix-en-Provence, 1981 in the computer music centre Inst. de Recherche et de Coordination ACOUSTIQUE / Musique (IRCAM) in Paris. Since 1971, he collaborates with PR and TVP, and with the Experimental Studio of PR, in which he created many of his works with tape. Since 1982 he teaches piano improvisation in the J. Elsner State Secondary Music Scool in Warsaw, in 1997 he founded a computer music studio there, in which he teaches. At seminars for educators he has lectured on modern methods of teaching improvisation with the use of computers. For his achievements in music education (his own original teaching programme) he received the Silver Cross of Merit in 1996.

His books include "I ty możesz improwizować" (Warszawa 1997), awarded in 1997 in the Centrum Edukacji Artystycznej competition in Warsaw. He has won many composition competitions including the Youth Competition of the Polish Composers’ Union (1972) for "Concerto grosso", PCU competitions: 1984 for "Trzynaście minut zaskorupiania", 1986 for "III String Quartet", 1995 for "Lux aeterna", and also the K. Serocki International competition (1987) for "Embryon", the International Competition for Electronic Music in Bourges (1990) for Scontra, the International Compeition of the World Music Days in Warsaw (1991) for his mini-opera for children "Pan Słoń", the competition of Polish Radio Channel II (1996) for "Apel" and the competition for a Mass in Katowice (1998) for "Msza Bogucka".