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Adam Kaczyński

Adam Kaczyński


Adam Kaczyński, born on 13 October 1933 in Warsaw, died on 15 February 2010 in Cracow, was a Polish pianist and composer. He graduated in piano under B. Korytowska from the State Higher School of Music in Cracow. In 1962 he formed the ensemble of the performers of contemporary music MW2 – its members include soloists and chamber musicians who specialise in performing, among others, happening, aleatoric, and instrumental theatre forms. Kaczyński performed with this ensemble in many European countries, America and Asia. He took part in 79 international festivals of contemporary music, made numerous CD, radio, and TV recordings. Kaczyński was awarded at the Competition for Young Performers of Contemporary Music in Utrecht (1965), ‘Poznań Music Spring’ Festival (Polihymnia Medal, 1978), and he won the Medal of the Polish Composers’ Union in 1973 and 1987. Kaczyński engaged in pedagogical work from 1962, and was the chair of the chamber contemporary music class at the Academy of Music in Cracow (from 1991 as a professor), from 1990 he was the director of the Faculty of Interpretation of Contemporary Music. Over the period 1974-1975 he was in the US as a Fulbright scholar. He was awarded many prizes and individual decorations, including P. Schaffer Prize in Paris (1970), I.J. Paderewski Prize in Rochester (1975), 3rd and 2nd degree prizes by the Ministry of Art and Culture (1976, 1983), Gold Cross of Merit (1983), City of Kraków Award (1986, 1987, 1988), Polish Society for Contemporary Music Prize for the promotion of the 20th century music by teaching (1994). Kaczyński composed, among others, Koncert na orkiestrę jazzową [Concerto for Jazz Orchestra] (1962), Choices for 3 pianos, electric piano, celesta, harpsichord and choir (1975), Preludia na fortepian [Preludes for Piano] (1978), Concerto for piano and orchestra (1984), Nowenna dla jednego Polaka [Novena for a Single Pole] for 4 pianos (1984), Ten Dzień [This Day] for piano, percussion and toy-piano (1989), Shape for 2 pianos (1989), Shape 2 for 2 percussion (1995), theatre and film music.

Andrzej Chłopecki, Encyclopedia of Music PWM, KLŁ