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Jan Kleczyński

Jan Kleczyński


Jan Kleczyński, born 8 June, 1837 in Janiewicze in Volhynia, died 15 September, 1895 in Warsaw, Polish critic, music writer, pianist, pedagogue and composer. In the years 1859-1866 he studied at the conservatory in Paris with F. Bazin, and W.E. Carafa (theory and composition) and with A.F. Marmontel (piano). As a pianist, soloist and chamber musician he performed in the years 1858-1889 in Warsaw, and additionaly, in Zhytomyr, Kalisz, Kraków, Lviv, Lublin, Szczawnica, Iwonicz. In 1862 and 1864 he performed in Paris, gaining recognition. Kleczyński’s repertoire included works by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Hummel, Liszt, Mendelssohn, Saint-Saëns, Schumann, Weber and his own compositions. From 1881 he gave private piano lessons. From 1887-1889 he led the piano class at the Music Institute in Warsaw. He was one of the founders of the Warsaw Music Society, in the years 1875-1877 he served as its secretary, and in the years 1877-1878, Music Director. He organized musical evenings for the Warsaw Music Society, where his compositions were performed. They were also presented in Prague (1880, 1887), Kraków (1884, 1885), Lviv (1885), Poznań (1904) and other cities. From 1880-1895 he was Editor-in-Chief of "Echo Muzyczne" (from 1884, with A. Rajchman), Head of Music and the main reviewer. After 3 years of working there he broadened the profile of the magazine, which brought about a change of title from October 1 1883 to „Echo Muzyczne i Teatralne” (EMT), and from 1885 - „Echo Muzyczne, Teatralne i Artystyczne” (EMTA) and transformed it from a bi-weekly to a weekly. In 1879 he gave three presentations at the Resursa Obywatelska (Civic Club), "About Performing Chopin's Works", and in 1883 again, three readings, “Chopin in his most choice works”. He went to Zakopane for the first time in 1882, in 1884 he took a tour of the Podhale region with T. Chałubiński and I.J. Paderewski, and from that time collected and described highland melodies.