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Bogdan Pawłowski

Bogdan Pawłowski


Composer, arranger, conductor and educator. Graduate of the Deparment of Composition under Professor Tomasz Kiesewetter and the Faculty of Music Education at the Music Academy in Łódź. Bogdan Pawłowski has written music for over 200 dramatic shows and 28 puppet plays. He has composed two full-length ballets: "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (premiere March 14, 1970 year in the Grand Theatre in Łódź), and" Puss in Boots "(premiered in November 1996 in the Opera NOVA in Bydgoszcz). His ballet "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is performed on the stages of opera and musical theatres in Europe, Asia and North America (Canada).

To this day, there have been 38 premieres of the ballet (the last took place in the Musical Theatre in Lublin, 11 June 2006). In the years 1956-1991 Bogdan Pawłowski was Musical Director and then for the following six years (1985-1991) served as General and Artistic Director of the Teatr Powszechny in Łódź. For 20 years he collaborated with Polish Radio in Łódź, where he was music director for the nationwide programme, „Wesoły Autobus” he wrote over 300 folk-pop songs. He is the creator of music for many theatrical productions and music programmes for television. He is the author of music for children's animated films with the "Semafor" company in Łódź (a cycle of films from the series „Tymoteusz Rym Cim Cim”). He is the creator of music for educational films in the W.F.O. in Łódź. He is also the composer for a five episode television series for TVP called "The Year 1809". Bogdan Pawłowski has many creative accomplishments for children. The most important are: „Michałek w opałach” - 1958 „Jak dzieci przeprosiły Św. Mikołaja” - 1958 „Za siedmioma górami” - 1959 „Królowa Śniegu” - 1960 „Jaś i Małgosia” - 1961 „Niedźwiedź Króla Gniewobora” - 1962 (musical - 17 realisations to date) „Niewidzialny książę" - 1964 „Robin Hood” - 1964 „Tajemnica starej wierzby” - 1966 „Turniej z czarodziejem” - 1968 „Zatopione królestwo” - 1970 „Słoneczny kraj” - 1972 (musical) „Wiercipięta” - 1973 „Historia o sosnowym pieńku” - 1977 „Królewicz Rumianek " - 1977 „Nowe szaty króla” - 1978 „Przygody wesołego diabła” - 1979 „Piotruś Pan” - 1979 (musical which received a Srebrna Łódka (Silver Boat) Award, also realised in Prague) „Czarodziej” - 1981 „Uki - Puki” - 1983 „Urodziny Słonia” - 1984 „Wesoła bajka o smutnej Królewnie” – 1985. His most important compositions in the category of classical music: “Piano Variations” - 1970 “5 Songs for soprano and piano” - 1970 “Polonaise for symphony orchestra” - 1968 “String Quartet” - 1971 “Wind Quintet” - 1972 “2 piano suites in the Baroque style” - 1969 “Humorous Suite for a little brass group” – 1973 “Zanikające rytmy” (Disappearing Rhythms) - for percussion ensemble “Overture Poland A.D.1984” – 1984 “Suite for small symphony orchestra” – 1974 “10 miniatures for piano and various instruments from the cycle: instrumentoznawstwo” - 1995-1999 “5 impressions for String Orchestra” - 1999-2000 “Nocturne for soprano and female chorus a cappella” – 1996 “Ave Maria for female chorus” – 1994 “13 Polish carols for female chorus” - 1994 “Rondo for piano” - 1993.

Bogdan Pawłowski has orchestrated many great stage works such as: - reconstruction and instrumentation of the opera "Filenis" by R. Statkowski - instrumentation of fragments of operas and arias for the Grand Theatre in Łódź, Łódź Musical Theatre and "Roma" Musical Theatre in Warsaw - orchestration of the opera „Krakowiacy i górale” - a new instrumentation of the musical “My Fair Lady”- a new instrumentation of the musical “I Do, I Do” – the Polish Film Music Festival in Łódź – vaudeville „Królowa Przedmieścia” and more. Bogdan Pawłowski is also a conductor. He has led numerous performances in dramatic theatres and in the Grand Theatre in Łódź.

As an outstanding pedagogue he teaches orchestration at the Music Academy in Łódź.