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Wojciech Gawroński

Wojciech Gawroński


Wojciech Gawroński (Rola-Gawroński), 28 March, 1868, Sejmany (near Vilnius), died on 5 August, 1910, in Kowanówko (near Poznań), Polish pianist and composer. He attended schools in Vilnius, Simferopol and Warsaw. He began learning music with his father. He gave his first concert when he was 11 years old in Simferopol, playing works by Chopin. He studied at the Music Institute in Warsaw with R. Strobel (piano), G. Rogulski (music theory) and Z. Noskowski (composition), and obtained his Diploma in 1891. He also took private instruction with A. Müncheimer and for some time, M. Moszkowski, in Berlin. Relocating to Kaunas, he gave music lessons, and then for a year (to June 1894) he was the conductor of the orchestra and choir of the cathedral in Vilnius. Around 1895 he was in Vienna, where he continued his piano studies with T. Leszetycki (?). At the end of 1985 he became director of a music school established by himself in Oryol, where he also directed the work of the Music Society. During this period he gave many concerts, particularly in Poland and Russia; in Warsaw he gave composer concerts, including for the the Warsaw Music Society (1902, 1906), the Philharmonic (1903). In 1902 he settled in Warsaw and took up work as a composer and pedagogue; at the same time he commuted to Łódź, where he taught piano at the music school. For his compositions he received several awards in national and international competitions: in 1896 the first prize at the competition in Warsaw for the song „Pamiętaj o mnie” op.1 nr 3, in 1898 the first prize for "String Quartet in F major" op.16 for Paderewski International Competition in Leipzig and the first award in the Prince Lubomirski Competition in Warsaw for "Variations" op.9 No. 2 for piano, and in 1903 in the same competition the first two awards for songs on the piano: "Ballade" op.10 No. 1 and "Legend" op.13 No. 2; also in 1903 his "Quartet in F minor" op.17 was awarded in the competition in Moscow. Gawroński also took part in the competition (1903) for an opera by "Maria" Malczewski. He died in Kowanówko and was buried in Oborniki near Poznan.