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Piotr Drożdżewski

Piotr Drożdżewski


Piotr Drożdżewski, composer and pedagogue, born 30 November, 1948, Zbąszyń. His composition studies took place in the Wrocław Academy of Music under the direction of Ryszard Bukowski and Leszek Wisłocki (Diploma in 1977). He is also a graduate of Wrocław Politechnic, where he received his doctorate, habilitation and received the title of professor of chemistry. For his compositions he has received prizes and awards: in 1980 - Competition of the Polish Radio in Warsaw and at the XXIII Youth Competition of the Polish Composers’ Union in Warsaw and in 1990 - the Karol Lipiński Composition Competition in Wroclaw.

His works have been performed at many festivals in Poland, including at the Festival of Polish Contemporary Music in Wrocław, Polish Contemporary Music Days, Ryszard Bukowski Music Days, and chamber concerts organized by the Polish Composers' Union. One of his pieces - Ballad for clarinet and strings (1997) - was written to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Ryszard Bukowski State Music Secondary School in Wrocław and perfromed during a gala concert, and his Sonata a due Violini (1983) was recorded for DUX by Bartłomiej Nizioł and Jarosław Pietrzak and released on compact disc under the title Polish Violin Duos in 2002.

Piotr Drożdżewski is a member of the Polish Composers’ Union since 1986, where he served many years served as treasurer to the Wrocław Branch. Since 2001 he is a member of the Bach Society in Wrocław, and from 2005 the Stowarzyszenie Artystyczne im. Ryszarda Bukowskiego (the Ryszard Bukowski Artistic Association).