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Adam Haczewski

Adam Haczewski


Adam Haczewski Polish composer working in Wielkopolska in the eighteenth century. Haczewski’s only surviving piece is his "Symphony in D major" of 1771, found in 1952 by T. Strumiłła in Wielkopolska. It represents an early phase of the formation of the Polish classical symphony. This is shown by 3-movement construction of the piece (Allegro con spirito, Alla Polacca, Allegretto) with the central movement in the subdominant key, the structure and theme of the first movement (contrast in the direction of movement of melody, rhythmic, tonal and dynamic contrasts), and the performance forces (in the second movement without horns). The Alla Polacca movement, and the finale, refer in a stylized way to folk music, and give the "Symphony" a national character.