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Apolinary Szeluto

Apolinary Szeluto


Szeluto, Szeluta, Scheluta, Apolinary, *23 VII 1884, St. Petersburg, †21 VIII 1966, Chodzież, Polish composer. In 1901 he entered the Conservatory in Warsaw, where he studied instrumentation with R. Statkowski and composition with Z. Noskowski. From 1902 he studied law at university in parallel but in 1905 after the tsarist authorities closed the university, he ceased studying in both directions. In 1904 he met Karol Szymanowski, in 1905, he became a member of the Spółka Nakładowa Młodych Kompozytorów Polskich. In the years 1906-1909 he studied piano in masterclasses with L. Godowsky in Berlin, in 1911 completed law studies in Dorpat. He worked as a lawyer in Remontnem near Astrakhan, in Warsaw (years 1918-1933) and Słupca near Poznań (from 1934). He spent his last 10 years in a nursing home for the chronically ill in Chodzież, but composed almost until the last weeks of his life. Since 1968 Szeluto’s artistic legacy is kept in the National Library in Warsaw.