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Jan of Lublin

Jan of Lublin

XVI wiek

Jan of Lublin, dating from the sixteenth century, Polish organist, a member of the Order of Canons Regular of the Lateran, circa 1540 he worked in Kraśnik. Perhaps he is identical to one of the two Jans, the first of which received his master's degree in artibus et philosophia in 1499, and the second his baccalariatus in artibus in 1508 in the Kazimierz Academy in Krakow. Jan of Lublin was probably the first owner of the organ tablature manuscript now kept in the PAN Library (Academy of Sciences Library) under the signature Ms. 1716. Perhaps he wrote some of it himself; his name is only given embossed on the cover, while on one of the pages inside the signature "Valentinus scripsit" appears. The tablature, numbering 260 pages, is considered the most comprehensive source of organ music in Europe. It includes transcriptions of religious and secular vocal music, and independent religious organ music, as well as preludes and dances. It also contains a treaty and exercises of a didactic nature in the fields of composition and organ improvisation and advice for tuning organs. Most of the repertoire is preserved in anonymous tabulature, but with many works the authorship has been identified, and some compositions have been identified from other sources. In total we can name 20 French, Dutch, German and Italian composers whose work is represented in the manuscript, and from the Poles - Seweryn Koń and the initials of Mikołaj of Krakow and Mikołaj of Chrzanów (NC N.Ch., NZ).