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Bazyli Bohdanowicz

Bazyli Bohdanowicz


Bazyli Bohdanowicz was born in 1740 in Eastern Małopolska, and died 23 Feb 1817, in Vienna. Polish composer and violinist. In 1775 he moved permanently to Vienna, where he was a violinist in the Leopoldstadt theatre. In the years 1785-1803 he organized concerts with his whole family (wife and 8 children), during which pieces including a 3-movement sonata for violin Les prémices du monde (played on one instrument by 3 children), Non plus ultra for 4 female voices and violin (played on one instrument by three children and father), 3 movement Sinfonia Vocale ed originale senza parole for 8 voices, choir and pipe, Aria con Variazioni for soprano solo, andantino with variations Rareté extraordinaire de la musique for piano 8 hands, a concerto with a cadenza Europa’s Erstling for 3 voices singing to the accompaniment of whistle and orchestra were performed. Bohdanowicz’s circus performances elicited criticism and earned him the nickname “musical charlatan.”