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Stanisław Hadyna

Stanisław Hadyna


Stanisław Hadyna, born on 25 September 1919 in Karpętna in Zaolzie region, died on 1 January 1999 in Cracow, was a Polish composer, conductor, organiser of musical life, and a man of letters. He finished the Ignacy Paderewski Institute of Music in Cieszyn (the affiliate of Katowice conservatoire) in the piano class of A. Brachocki. Over the period 1938-1939 he studied psychology and sociology at the University of Warsaw, and in 1942-1944 he continued underground studies; he was also a lecturer at the secret secondary school courses. After the war he started studying under L. Różycki (composition) and A. Malawski (conducting) at the State Higher School of Music (currently the Academy of Music) in Katowice. Over the period 1945-1947 he was working as a teacher in the secondary school and as a director of the department of culture of the national council in Wisła. In 1947-1952 he was a director of the Trade Union of Musicians of the PPR and a director of the Concert Agency and Provincial Branch of ‘Artos’ in Katowice. In 1952 he organised the State Folk Group of Song and Dance ‘Silesia,’ of which he was an artistic manager, conductor and director. Compelled to resign from his post in 1968, he moved to Cracow where he became a music director of the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in 1977. He again became the leader of the ‘Silesia’ group as its artistic director on 1 March 1990. He started to be successful with his literary output since the 60s – in 1948 he was awarded the 1st prize at the International Film Competition in Warsaw for his novel about Chopin entitled Niezatarte Ślady in 1969 – the 2nd prize at the UNESCO Competition for ‘Blessed Are the Peacemakers’ (drama about M. Ghandi), in 1972 – Award of Merit and the 2nd prize at the USA competition for the play about M.L. King for his ‘Shattered Dreams.’ In 1977 his ‘Declaration 76’ received American Revolution Bicentennial Medal. Hadyna was also awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta (1954), the Order of the Banner of Work of the 1st degree (1964), as well as the Diploma of Honour of the President of the United States (1959) and the Medal of the National Education Committee (1988). In 1987 he received the Decoration of Honour Meritorious for National Culture.

Grzegorz Zmuda, PWM Encyclopedia of Music, HIJ