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Maciej Zieliński

Maciej Zieliński


Maciej Zieliński was born in Warsaw in 1971. He graduated with distinction from the Warsaw Academy of Music in 1996, where he studied composition with Marian Borkowski and from the Royal Academy of Music in London in 1999, where he studied with Paul Patterson. As part of his musical education he attended the International Young Composers' Summer Courses run by the Polish Section of the ISCM (1993-97) and the First International Meeting of Young Composers in Apeldoorn (The Netherlands, 1995), where he studied with such a notable composers as: Louis Andriessen, Osvaldas Balakauskas, Martin Bresnick, Michael Finessy, Peter Michael Hammel, Zygmunt Krauze, Hanna Kulenty, Claude Lefebvre, Daryl Runswick, Witold Szalonek, Joji Yuasa.

His works were performed at many festivals, including: the 37th, 38th, 41st"Warsaw Autumn" International Festival of Contemporary Music (1994, 1995, 1998), the 4thGdańsk Encounters for Young Composers "The Way" (1994), the 2ndYoung Composers' Forum in Cracow (1994), the 4thand 5thRyszard Bukowski's Music Days in Wrocław (1995, 1996), the Lutosławski's Forum in Warsaw (1996, 1998), the Musica Polonica Nova in Wrocław (1996), the Gaude Mater in Częstochowa (1997), the Medien Nacht Festival in Braunschweig (Germany, 1995), the Electronic Music Festival in Prague (Czech Republic, 1995), the XXXIX International Festival of Choral Art " Jihlava'96" in Jihlava (Czech Republic, 1996), the European Youth Music Festival in Copenhagen (Denmark,1996), Musica del Novocento in Rome (1998), the Park Lane Festival in London (1999), the Audio Art Festival in Warsaw (1999), ISCM World Music Days (Romania,1999).

In 1996 he took part in 'Project 96 Churches' in Copenhagen: Cultural Capital of Europe 1996, when he composed the Polish part of the European Requiem. His works have been published by PWM (scores), Dux Recordings, Polskie Nagrania - Edition, Acte Prealable (CD) and have been broadcast by European Radio and TV stations.

He has received numerous prizes at Polish and international competitions, including: the Second Prize of the Chapter of Critics at the Young Composers' Forum in Cracow (Poland, 1994), the Second Prize and Special Mention at the Warsaw Academy of Music Orchestral Works Competition (Poland, 1994), the Second Prize at the I Competition for Young Composers "Musica Sacra" (Poland, 1995), the Second Prize at 6th Competition for Synthesiser and Computer Music in Braunschweig (Germany, 1995), the Third Prize at the International Composers' Competition "Jihlava'96" (Czech Republic, 1996), the Third Prize at the All Polish Composers' Competition "Gdańsk 1997" (Poland, 1997), the Josiah Parker Composition Prize (UK, 1999), the Alan Bush Composition Prize (UK, 1999), the Main Prize at the Audio Art Festival Multimedia Project Competition (Poland, 1999). He received Scholarship of the Minister of Culture and Art (1995) and British Council Fellowship Award (1998).

During the years 1994-96 he was Deputy Chairman of the Young Composers' Circle in the Polish Composers' Union. In 2000 he was the moderator at the XX International Young Composers' Course in Radziejowice (Poland). In 2001 he was a member of the Polish Jury at ISCM World Music Days'2002 in Hong Kong. He is a member of the Polish Composers' Union, Polish Section of ISCM and ZAiKS.
His music activities also include writing for films, theatre, radio and television.