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Kamil Kosecki

Kamil Kosecki


Kamil Kosecki was born in Kielce on May 11, 1984. At the age of 14, he started his musical education in the bassoon class at the Ludomir Różycki State Music School in Kielce. He graduated in bassoon and composition from the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw.

In 2002 he was honoured at the All-Polish Auditions of Music School Students in Olsztyn. There he performed his first composition “Sonata for Bassoon and Piano”. This work was also performed at the festival in Kielce in the presence of Wojciech Kilar.

In the same year, with the Świętokrzyska Philharmonic Orchestra, his “Sabbath of Witches” for bassoon, strings and percussion was premiered and received the Fryderyk Chopin Society of Friends’ Prize in Kielce and also the Mayor of Kielce Prize “Hope of Kielce”.

In 2007 he received 4th prize and PWM Edition Special Prize at the 3rd International Composition Competition “Musica Sacra”. He was also awarded with an honourable mention at the 3rd International Composition Competition “Garden Music”. In 2008 he was the finalist at the Z. Herbert All-Polish Composition Competition and the I. J. Paderewski All-Polish Composition Competition. Kosecki also received and honourable mention at the C.W. von Weber All-Polish Bassoon Composition Competition and won first prize at the A. Didur All-Polish Composition Competition. He also won the All-Polish Composition Competition for a bugle-call of Warsaw disctict, Wilanów. In 2009 he won the All-Polish Composition Competition for the children’s opera. He received the award of the Marshal Office of Kielce and the scholarship of the Culture and Science Ministry.