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Mikołaj Zieleński

Mikołaj Zieleński

ca 1611

We know very little about his life, not even where and when he was born. Only one date in his life is known, 1611, when his work was published in Venice. Zieleński was organist and kapelmeister to the primate Baranowski, Archbishop of Gniezno. Zieleński's work consists of two parts: Offertoria totius anni and Communiones totius anni...
The whole comprises eight part-books and a ninth book, the Partitura pro organo, which constitutes the organ accompaniment. This publication contains in all 121 pieces written for various vocal and also vocal and instrumental ensembles, all with organ accompaniment.
The Venetian publication does not only comprise the offertories and communions; we find there also over a dozen other pieces, such as hymns, antiphons, a magnificat, and even three instrumental fantasias. In his compositions Zieleński relies on his own creative invention and does not, in general, make use of the cantus firmi. The few pieces which a pre-existent melody may be traced out are based not on a plainsong melody but on the melodies of Polish songs.