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Emanuele Astorga

Emanuele Astorga


Astorga Emanuele Gioacchino Cesare Rincon d’, baron, born 20 March, 1680 in Augusta in Sicily, and died about 1757 in Madrid or Lisbon, Italian composer. He spent his youth in Sicily. In 1698 he staged an opera in Palermo „La moglie nemica” with amateur forces. After leaving the family home in 1708, he led a very busy lifestyle, traveling in Italy, and later, to other European countries. He was in Rome (where he made friends with librettist D. Lalli), in Genoa (where he staged the opera "Daphne" in 1709 to Lalli’s libretto), then in Mantua and Venice. In 1711 he probably enjoyed himself in Barcelona, from 1712 to 1714 at the imperial court in Vienna. In 1713 he was briefly in Znojmo in Moravia, then returned for a few years to Palermo. Around 1723 he was in Lisbon, where in 1726 he published "Cantate da camera", his only published piece. He spent the last years of his life probably in Portugal or Spain.