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Mieczysław Makowski

Mieczysław Makowski


Makowski Mieczysław, born 17 XII 1933 Zaręby (Kurpie), Polish composer, pianist, music theorist and teacher. He completed his musical studies at the PWSM in Poznań in composition (in 1958, with F. Dąbrowski), piano (in 1961, with A. Dąbrowska) and music theory (in 1962, with F. Dąbrowski). He took his doctoral studies at the PWSM in Warsaw from 1967-69. From 1963 to 1972 he was an assistant in the Faculty of Composition, Conducting and Music Theory at the PWSM in Poznań, then he worked as a teacher of theoretical subjects in the Music Schools in Poznań.

He undertook a series of artistic tours through 17 countries in Europe and Asia. He received numerous prizes and awards at national and international composition competitions, including, among others; in 1970 and in 1971 the G. Fitelberg Composers' Competition in Katowice for Confronti and the Second Harp Concerto, in 1975 and 1977 in the competitions for the second and third Art Biennial for Children in Poznań, in 1982 the PCU contest in Warsaw, in 1985 at the H. Wieniawski competition in Poznań, in 1988 and in 1992 the Karol Szymanowski competition in Warsaw for "Wierchowa fletnia" and "Six Pièces Caractéristiques", in 1988 at the competition in Las Palmas and in 1990 at the Tola Korian contest in London.

Neoclassical features can be distinguished in Makowski’s work, as well as a fascination for avant-garde trends. Inspiration from the folklore of various nations can be noted as well as archaisation as an expression of his search for an individual stylistic identity. Pedagogical literature for children fills a special place in Makowski’s music; he received the Prime Minister's Award in 1980 for works for children and young people. Makowski is the author of academic papers and articles, including "Le petit monde voltigeant" (published in Las Palmas in 1989). Mieczysław Makowski died on December 16, 2014 year.