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Michał Dobrzyński

Michał Dobrzyński


Michał Dobrzyński, born 24 November 1980 in Szczecin. In 2005 he completed his compositional studies with distinction at the Bydgoszcz Academy of Music with prof. Marek Jasiński and prof. Zbigniew Bargielski, and in 2008 – his doctoral studies at the Fryderyk Chopin Music University in Warsaw. In the years 2007-10 he took part in the programme promoting young composers in the Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music. He received a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture (2003/2004 and 2004/2005, 2012 - a creative scholarship). Prize-winner of composition competitions, including Second Prize at the  I.J. Paderewski International Composition Competition (Bydgoszcz 2006), Third Prize at the National Composition Competition on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Pontificate of His Holiness Pope John Paul II (Wrocław 2003), awards at the International Composers' Competition on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz (2004), First Prize at the VIII Inter Competition for Fugue (Bydgoszcz 2003).

Michał Dobrzyński's works have been performed at many Polish concerts and festivals, such as the "Warsaw Autumn" International Festival of Contemporary Music (Youth Circle concerts), the "Sopot Classic" International Music Festival, "The Sacred non Profanum" International Festival, the „Zamojskie Dni Muzyki” International Festival and the Music Competition Laureate Festival in Bydgoszcz. His works have also been performed abroad - in Italy (including as part of the "Young Musicians to Florence" project, the „Compositori a confronto” festival of contemporary music in Reggio Emilia), in Germany, Sweden and China.

He is a member of the Youth Circle of the Polish Composers' Union (from 2008-2010 – as member of the board). He works in the Department of Composition, Music Theory and Sound Engineering at the Music Academy in Bydgoszcz.