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Sławomir Cichor

Sławomir Cichor

A graduate of the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław. He graduated with honors in the trumpet class of prof. Igor Cecocho. He is a laureate of the National Trumpet Festival in Kalisz (1996 3rd prize, 1999 2nd prize), National Brass Chamber Music Competition in Warsaw (2005 1st prize) and a finalist of the National Competition for 20th Century Music Performers (2000).


The main profile of his artistic activity is work as an orchestral musician. He played, among others, in the Polish Festival Orchestra, Wrocław Philharmonic Orchestra and Sinfonia Varsovia. In the years 2003–2010 he worked as the 1st trumpeter in the orchestra of the National Philharmonic in Warsaw. Currently, he plays as the first trumpeter at the Łódź Philharmonic, he also collaborates with the orchestra of the Royal Belgian Opera in Brussels. For over a dozen years he has been performing early music on a historical trumpet.


As a soloist, he has performed in Poland, Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Slovakia and the USA. He also premiered over 30 solo and chamber works, including works by K. Grzeszczak, B. Collins and A. Banaszkiewicz. His main interest is contemporary music, he has also collaborated with orchestras, performing works by Haydn, Hummel, Handel, Vivaldi and Bach. In 2013 and 2020, he was among the prestigious group of artists invited to the annual conference of the International Trumpeters Association ITG in the USA. In 2014, he recorded and released the solo album Trumpet Song (DUX 1109), which was very well received by music critics.


For many years he has been associated with the Academy of Music in Łódź. The artist also lectures at many courses in Poland and abroad. He works on the juries of national and international competitions (including the 2nd Theo Charlier Trumpet Competition in Namur). He is also the author of compositions for trumpet and trumpet ensembles.


As a culture animator, Cichor is the originator and organizer of the "Musical Summer in Gostynin" festival, two editions of the International Trumpeters Conference in Łódź and the artistic director of the International Symposium "The Art of Performing Orchestral Parts".


In 2013, he received the Gloria Artis award from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage in Poland, in 2016 the Bronze Cross of Merit from the President of the Republic of Poland, and in 2018 the award of the Marshal of the Łódz Region. He belongs to the group of "Yamaha performing artists".