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Mikołaj Piotr Górecki

Mikołaj Piotr Górecki


In 1995 he graduated with distinction in composition from Katowice Music Academy, under the supervision of his father, Henryk Mikołaj Górecki. In 1996 he benefitted from two scholarships from the Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada.

In 2000 he received the title Doctor of Composition at Indiana University in Bloomington. In 2001 and 2002 he taught at McGill University in Montreal. He now lives and works in the US.

In 1988 he won the first ever Bielsko-Biała Young Composers Competition for his Preludes for piano, and in 1994 took third prize in the 2nd Young Composers Forum in Kraków for his Clarinet Sonata.

His works have been performed many times at home and abroad, including in Montreal and Edmonton, at the Lincoln Center and Avery Fisher Hall in New York City, De Ijsbreker Centre in Amsterdam, and also the Festival of First Performances in Katowice, Musica Polonica Nova festival in Wrocław and World Music Days in Slovenia, organised by the International Society for Contemporary Music.

Performers of his compositions have included Kaja Danczowska, Jadwiga Kotnowska, Agnieszka Duczmal, Gabriel Chmura, Ewa Pobłocka, Jerzy Maksymiuk, Tomasz Strahl, Marek Moś, Andrzej Boreyko, Łukasz Kuropaczewski and Piotr Przedbora, the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Amadeus Chamber Orchestra, Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra, AUKSO Chamber Orchestra of Tychy and Sinfonia Varsovia.