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Aleksander Lasoń

Aleksander Lasoń


Aleksander Lasoń was born in Silesia, on 10th November 1951.
He studied composition under professor Józef Świder’s at the State Higher School of Music (now the Music Academy) in Katowice. After gaining his diploma, with the highest distinction, he took part in Burgas’ Courses under Ton de Leeuw, Marin Goleminov and Andrey Eshpay. In 1984 and 1988 he participated in the International Summer New-Music Courses in Darmstadt. Aleksander Lasoń was initially active as an improvising pianist (winner of the 4th Piano Improvisation Contest in 1972) but over time Lasoń devoted himself to composing and directing. He has received numerous awards and commissions, most important, e.g. - The Beethoven Prize of the City of Bonn in 1980 for Symphony No. 2 “Concertante” for piano and orchestra; he received three coveted awards at the UNESCO's International Tribune of Composers in Paris: in 1980 - he was awarded first place for his Symphony No. 1 for brass instruments, percussion and two pianos, in 1988 - his String Quartet No. 2  and in 1997 - his Concerto festivo for violin and orchestra, were distinguished. He received (twice) the Witold Lutosławski Scholarship-Awards in 1987 and 1989, The "Exclusiv" scholarship-award of Tonos Music Publishers in Darmstadt (1988/1989), and the Polish Composers’ Union Award in 2002 for eminent achievements in the field of composition, as well as long-time involvement in the propagation of new music. In 2008  (his piece - String Quartet No. 7) and 2009 (CALLED BACK) were among the seven final nominees to the prestigious OPUS Award given by Polish Public Media. And others.

Apart from composing, after 1975 Aleksander Lasoń has been actively involved in teaching.
The title of Professor of Musical Arts was conferred upon him in 2000. He is professor at the Silesian University and at the Katowice Academy of Music.
In 1996 he was the initiator of the New Music Orchestra in residence at the Music Academy in Katowice. The orchestra's aim is to promote most recent compositions, as well as 20th-century classics

In 1986-1989, Lasoń was the Vice-President of the Polish Society for Contemporary Music in Warsaw (the Polish section of ISCM), and the President of the Katowice Division of the Association of Polish Composers in 1990-1993.

His compositions are published by PWM Edition in Kraków and TONOS Music Publishers in Darmstadt.


Sonata for violin and piano (1970-71)
Songs for soprano and piano (1973)
Impressions for piano and orchestra (1974)
Chamber Music No. 1 “Stalowa Wola” [1st version] for piano and string quartet  (1974-78)
Symphony No. 1 for brass instruments, percussion and two pianos  (1975)
Sonata for solo violin no. 1  (1975)
Music in Shakespeare for baritone and magnetic tape (1975)
Chamber Music No. 2 for piano, 2 horns, trumpet, 2 trombones and tuba (1976)
Concerto for piano and 3 magnetic tapes (1976)
Music in Four Parts for double-bass and piano  (1977)
Symphony No. 2 “Concertante” for piano and orchestra  (1977-79)
Chamber Music No. 3 for brass instruments, percussion and piano  (1978)
Mountains for symphony orchestra  (1979-80)
String Quartet No. 1  (1979-80)
Wind Quintet “Spring”  (1980-81)
Chamber Music No. 5 “The Four Seasons” for clarinet, trombone, piano and strings  (1981)
Three Songs to texts by Kazimiera Iłłakowiczówna for alto, oboe, violin, cello and piano (1983)
Sonata for solo violin no. 2  (1983-84)
Concerto “Pablo Casals in memoriam” for cello and orchestra  (1985)
Concertino in Two Parts for violin and piano (1986)
String Quartet No. 2  (1987)
The Cathedral for symphony orchestra (1987-89)
String Quartet No. 3  (1992-93)
Hymn and Aria for string orchestra  (1993)
Concerto festivo for violin and orchestra  (1993-95)
Bass-relief for Andrzej for string quartet  (1995)
Symphony No. 3 “1999” Apokalypsis for choir and orchestra (1996-97)
Credo for symphony orchestra  (1997)
“2 plus 2” for Witold for violin, cello and 2 pianos (1997)
“20 for 4” for string quartet (1998)
Musica Sacra – Sanctus for four male voices, organ and string orchestra (1998)
Fanfares “50” for chamber ensemble (1999-2000)
Chamber Music No. 6 “Saxophonium” for saxophone quartet and percussion (2000)
String Quartet No. 4 “Tarnowskie Góry” (2000)
A Little Book for clarinet and strings (2001)
Canto – “Dharma” [1st version] for cello and strings (2001)
Canto – “Dharma” [2nd version] for cello and piano (2002)
Suibusium felix for two violins and string orchestra (2002)
“La Danza a Tre” for clarinet, violin and piano (2003)
String Quartet No. 5 (2004)
Sinfonia concertante for guitar and chamber orchestra (2004)
String Quartet No. 6 (2005)
Benedictus for choir a’cappella (2005)
AUKSO  for string orchestra (2006)
SATJA - Symphony No. 4 for orchestra (2006-2007)
String Quartet No.7 (2007)
Deciso e affettuoso for cello solo
“CALLED BACK” Sacrificial Chanting and Playing to ANNA (2008)