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Concerto in F minor WN

Op. 21 for Piano and Orchestra; Score - Historical Version (Series A, Vol. Xve, miniature edition)

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  • Cat. no. 51600912

  • ISBN ISSN: 83-920365-2-2


The present score is composed of parts from the first edition. The concert version of the score, recreated by taking into consideration also other sources which present Chopin`s intention, constitutes volume 34 B VIIIb. The Concerto in an authentic arrangement for one piano makes up volume 14 A XIIIb. The version with the second piano, containing the reduction of the orchestra part, forms volume 31 B VIb. The historical scores are purer with regard to editorial interference, yet contaminated by the involvement in the sources of foreign hands. The historical scores show that which, for various reasons, Chopin agreed to have published. The miniature version of the National Edition does not contain source commentary or performance notes.

  • Language of edition: eng, pol
  • Number of pages: 80
  • Cover: softcover
  • Type: score
  • Size: A5 vertical (145x205 mm)

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