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Genesis I: Elementi per archi op. 19 No. 1

for Violin, Viola and Cello

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Elementi per tre archi opens a series of three works entitled Genesis, forming a turning-point in Górecki's career. For in those works he departed from the pointillistic technique and turned towards the continuous melodic lines and the so-called complexes, i.e. progressions of complex groups. Elementi constitute the first stage of the composer's exploration of the timbre. The composition is based on the twelve-note series, which has been, however, cunningly concealed by the composer in the complicated, mobile texture. The form of the work is also marked by complication as it consists of six sequences made up of smaller unit groups (22), further divided into ''events'' or substructures. Elementi is an unconventional work in every respect together with the arrangement of the performers on the stage, who - according to the composer's directions should be situated in the distance of at least six metres from each other, because as the composer remarked himself Elementi is a work for three instruments and not for trio. [Based on A. Thomas, Górecki, Kraków 1998, PWM]

  • Number of pages: 24
  • Cover: softcover
  • Type: score
  • Size: A4 vertical (210x297 mm)

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