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Rebounds. A Wanderer's Song

for Children's Choir

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  • Cat. no. 11842


The composition A Wanderer’s Song is directed to the youngest group of performers.
It is a sort of a music illustration invoking a reflection of a title character on the surrounding world. The lack of a specific meaning of the literary layer enables a young performer to create an individual interpretation based on the musical course of the work.


The work Rebounds has an ABA’ form. Its title means reflections resulting from a phrase interchangeably repeated in the voices. The phrase is based on the word ‘echo’, which functions as an ostinato. It constitutes a background for the phonetic text that the author has invented and which is comprised of syllables of various dynamic intensity scattered in the leading rhythmic and melodic motifs. The middle part is based on the B-A-C-H theme both in the literary and the harmonic layers.

Table of contents:
Szymon Godziemba-Trytek A Wanderer's Song for Unaccompanied Children's Choir
Krzysztof Ratajski Rebounds for 5-Part Children's Choir
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