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Sonatas and Partitas

for solo violin

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J. S. Bach’s sonatas and partitas for solo violin are major works in the violin literature. The musical and compositional mastery achieved by Bach in these works surpasses everything previously written in this kind of music.

The present edition of the Sonatas and Partitas, based on a facsimile of a Bach manuscript discovered at the start of the twentieth century (previously, only a copy of the composer’s manuscript, prepared by his wife, Anna Magdalena, had been available), represents an attempt to take a new look at this music, taking account of the realities of the Baroque, including the technical advancement of instruments at that time, which differed from modern-day instruments (shorter, arched bow, delicately sounding gut strings, shorter fingerboard), and also the Baroque way of thinking about music.

My work involved painstaking analysis of Bach’s manuscript, remaining as faithful to it as possible and adding only that which was essential in terms of technical execution.

The present edition is aimed both at ‘Classical’ violinists trained in a modern way and specialists in Baroque performance. Both camps are offered a text that is complete in terms of technical execution (fingering, bowing), with the aspect of interpretation left open. Adherence to the recommendations and suggestions contained in the commentary does not mean that performers should not be guided by their own ingenuity and should not seek further solutions. The richness, depth and multi-faceted character of Bach’s music means that we are continuously finding in it something to which we had not previously paid attention, discovering it anew.

tłumaczenie: J. Comber

  • ISMN 979-0-2740-3041-4
  • Language of edition: pol, eng,
  • Number of pages: 72
  • Cover: softcover
  • No. of edition: 1
  • Published: 2020
  • Type: instrumental solo
  • Size: N4 vertical (235x305 mm)

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