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Sonosphère I. Twilling

for oboe, strings and live electronics

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Twilling, the first piece in the Sonospheres cycle was commissioned by the Court Circuit ensemble in Paris in 2013. The premiere took place on September 6, 2013 in the CRR (Conservatory of the Regions) Concert Hall in Paris. The solo oboe was performed by Hélene Devilleneuve, live electronic transformations on the Karlax instrument - Tom Mays, and the whole was conducted by Jean Deroyer. The spatial sound projection was led by Olivier Lamarche and Vincent Laubeuf (MOTUS). Twilling consists of five sections played attacca often closely related to each other. Each of them has its own specific sound narration closed in a defined form. The title is an onomatopeic signal announcing a game of illusions and of interference between three layers: the oboe, the electronic transformations and ensemble playing. This sound triangle, using the possibilities of metamorphosising its shape also fits to the spatial sound projection.The oboe is treated virtuosically with the use of sound effects such as multiphonics or noises.

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  • Type: score

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