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Polish Heroines of Music

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Does music need parity? Probably not, it defends itself. But it is worth noting and emphasising the artistic advantages of outstanding contemporary composers and their unforgettable predecessors - women in Polish music are a voice as separate as it is expressive. The album is the result of cooperation with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, and more specifically the Polskie Heroiny Dźwięku (Polish Heroines of Sound) program conducted by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as part of the wider Polska Music campaign. It aims to create and popularise a new canon of works by Polish composers. In this case, they are “Sonosphère V. Wanda Landowska” by Elżbieta Sikora, “Aisthetikos” by Hanna Kulenty, “In the Shade of an Unshed Tear” by Agata Zubel and “Contradizione”, a classic by Grażyna Bacewicz.

“Polish Heroines of Music” appears in the SOUNDS series, so not only the repertoire is of crucial importance, but also its interpretation - it is especially worth paying attention to the playing of the soloists: the saxophonist Bartłomiej Duś, the pianist Magdalena Duś and the French jazz guitarist Misja Fitzgerald Michel.

  • Series: ANAKLASIS
  • No. of edition: 1
  • Published: 2021
  • Type: CD

Table of contents:
Hanna Kulenty Aisthetikos na saksofon sopranowy, fortepiano i orkiestrę
Grażyna Bacewicz Contradizione na orkiestrę kameralną
Agata Zubel In the Shade of an Unshed Tear na orkiestrę
Elżbieta Sikora Sonosphère V. Wanda Landowska na orkiestrę i gitarę elektryczną
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