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This work from 1997, commissioned by the State Philharmonic in Poznań on the occasion of 50th anniversary of the institution was premiered during the inauguration of the jubilee season on 20th September 1997 under the button of Mirosław Jacek Błaszczyk, to whom the piece is dedicated. The purely instrumental setting of Credo is justified by the fact that the message of this fundamentally traditional Christian is well known. Music disregards its subserviance to the words function and concentrates on a new independent medium transmitting certain common traits using sounds instead of words. Credo is a part of a broad project which includes all parts of the mass. Some of them constitute independent compositions such as Musica Sacra -Sanctus for male voices and organ, the other are dispersed amongst other compositions i.e.: Agnus Dei in Concerto Festivo for violin and orchestra or Kyrie and Gloria in the 3rd Symphony ''1999''. Chronologically the last movement - Benedictus is planned as a choral composition. The mosaic variety of instrumentation of the movements is balanced by the inner stylistic unity of the whole cycle. In such a context the idea of a Great Mass could be interpreted twofold: as a way of expressing the religious emotions and as a certain artistic creed of the composer reflecting his aesthetic and ethic attitude.

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