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Domine, quis habitabit

for unaccompanied mixed choir (choral score)

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The composer has set to music the suggestive, admonishing text of Psalm 15. The initial question (''O Lord, who may lodge in thy tabernacle?'') is answered by means of a number of examples of righteous behaviour, which are commented upon and summed up at the end (''He who does these things shall never be brought low. He will lodge in thy tabernacle''). The beginning and the end sound in dignified homorhythm. The middle part is, on the other hand, shaped on the basis of various polyphonic devices such as overlapping, alternating, imitation of voices, as well as masterly dynamic changes.

  • Language of text: lat
  • Number of pages: 12
  • Cover: without cover
  • No. of edition: 1
  • Published: 1999
  • Type: choral score
  • Size: A4 vertical (210x297 mm)

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