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Drach. Dramma per musica

seria: Opera (CD)

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  • Cat. no. 70029

  • Kod producenta: ANA 012


Joanna Freszel – soprano
Jan Jakub Monowid – countertenor
Sebastian Szumski – baritone
Marcin Świątkiewicz – harpsichord
AUKSO – Chamber Orchestra of the City of Tychy
Marek Moś – conductor

A musical drama written for voices, harpsichord, strings, looper and dragon. It was commissioned by Filip Berkowicz, curator of the Auksodrone festival in Tychy where it had its premiere. The piece is a fascinating collision of the sensitivity of one of the most outstanding Polish composers of contemporary music and an exceptional writer, awarded and, above all, read in Poland and around the world. They are both sons of this land, so "Drach" by Nowak and Twardoch does not reduce Silesian spirit to the shallow folklore but goes much deeper - under the soil formed of mud and coal, love and corpses, and to the collective subconscious where Drach lives. A creature that sees, feels and hears everything. Thanks to him, unique, local and familiar places and beings are transferred into the universal sphere of myth.
The drama is told in three languages: Polish, Silesian and German. Or four, because the music adds its narrative, which weaves between baroque and modernism. The album will be released on CD and vinyl.

  • Series: ANAKLASIS
  • Language of edition: pol, eng,
  • No. of edition: 1
  • Published: 2020
  • Type: CD

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