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Works For Rhodes Piano & Strings

seria: Sounds(CD)

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  • Cat. no. 70016010

  • Kod producenta: ANA 001


Piotr Orzechowski ‘Pianohooligan’ – Rhodes Piano
AUKSO Chamber Orchestra of the City of Tychy
Marek Moś – conductor

Music history abounds in paradoxes. Take the Rhodes piano, for instance. Commissioned by the US army as an easy-to-transport instrument for military bands, it reached the wide audience thanks to The Doors, the band that remains an icon of rock-music pacifism. Interestingly, the composers who wrote their pieces for this album encountered the Rhodes at very different stages of their lives, and in different contexts. For Alek Nowak it was The Doors; Marcin Stańczyk had known the Rhodes sound from jazz, rock and pop recordings (including Michael Jackson); Sławek Kupczak discovered the instrument on Pianohooligan’s CDs Bach Rewrite and Experiment: Penderecki. Zygmunt Krauze… had had no contact with the Rhodes whatsoever before, and got to know the instrument only as a result of an invitation to take part in our unusual project, and the artistic meeting with the already mentioned Pianohooligan (Piotr Orzechowski), a versatile pianist who feels equally at home in classical repertoire and jazz improvisation.

  • Series: ANAKLASIS
  • No. of edition: 1
  • Published: 2019
  • Type: CD

Table of contents:
Marcin Stańczyk A Due for Rhodes piano and string orchestra
Aleksander Nowak Naninana for amplified keyboard instrument and string orchestra
Sławomir Kupczak Fullness for Rhodes piano, string orchestra and electronics
Zygmunt Krauze Rondo for Rhodes piano and string orchestra
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