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Percussion Store

for Percussion and Symphonic Orchestra

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The composer described the work as ''a kind of concerto in which apart from a large symphony orchestra the role of soloist is taken by percussion instruments. They are treated collectively - not as one or a few individuals - and in an obvious way draw the focus of attention to rhythm and colour. Four percussion groups use over 100 instruments - not just those associated with philharmonic stages, but also completely unusual ones: parts of machines and tools, items from everyday use etc. The orchestral part, from first principals, forms neither a background nor a commentary it is given the same priorities to display articulation and playing techniques which bring the philharmonic ensemble to resemble a powerful percussion ensemble. The listener does not need to discern meaning in the musical motives or reasons for using one or another source of sound because the sound alone its thickening, development, penetration, gradation, all parameters of colour and time, in Percussion Store they form the axis of the musical narration.'' (Information from the Kraków Philharmonic website).

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  • Type: score

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