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Drum of Orfeo

Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra

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The work combines the features of a classical virtuosic concerto with elements of theatre. The percussionist is not only the performer of a musical part, but is also an actor who plays a role on the stage. The work is made up of five contrasting sections, intended for different groups of percussion, each of which is located in a different part of the stage. This gives the soloist the opportunity to showcase the virtuosic performance on various sets of instruments, and also provides the listeners with an interesting visual experience. Apart from traditional percussion instruments such as marimba, vibraphone, crotales, tom-toms, bass drum, cymbals, gongs and the triangle, the instrumentation includes oriental instruments - bodhran hand drum, Japanese daiko, Caribbean tamburo, Beijing opera chi hau tiger gong, Thai gongs, Japanese agogo temple bells, and deer bells.

The first performer was Evelyn Glennie, to whom the work is dedicated.

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