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Old Dances and Melodies

for Piano,Book 2

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  • Cat. no. 6192

  • ISBN ISSN: 83-224-1165-0


The second book of ''Old Dances and Melodies'' is a continuation of a collection with the same title, but it contains more difficult compositions and larger forms as well as short pieces. [Jan Hoffman, Adam Rieger]

  • Series: Jubilee Series
  • Language of edition: pol
  • Number of pages: 68
  • Cover: softcover
  • No. of edition: 9
  • Published: 1999
  • Type: instrumental solo
  • Size: N4 vertical (235x305 mm)

Table of contents:
Bach Carl Philipp Affettuoso
Türk Daniel Gottlob Allegro a
Bach Wilhelm Allegro A
Bach Carl Philipp Allegro C
Graupner Christoph Allegro C
Bach Wilhelm Allegro g
Türk Daniel Gottlob Andantino Es
Türk Daniel Gottlob Arietta
Türk Daniel Gottlob Arioso
Fischer Johann Kaspar Ferdinand Ballet anglois
Bach Wilhelm Bourée h
Beethoven Ludwig van Ecossaises

Scarlatti Domenico

Giga d
Bach Carl Philipp La Gause

Scarlatti Domenico

Türk Daniel Gottlob Larghetto amoroso
Türk Daniel Gottlob Marsz
Türk Daniel Gottlob Menuet A

Scarlatti Domenico

Menuet B
Anonim Menuet c
Hummel Jan Menuet C
Bach Wilhelm Menuet d
Mozart Wolfgang Amadeusz Menuet F KV 6
Monn Georg Mathias Menuet G
Mozart Wolfgang Amadeusz Menuet G KV 15
Türk Daniel Gottlob Minuetto
Anonim Passepied

Zipoli Domenico

Türk Daniel Gottlob Poco largo
Türk Daniel Gottlob Polonaise
Bach Carl Philipp Solfeggio

Scarlatti Domenico

Sonata A
Bach Johann Christoph Sonata D

Scarlatti Domenico

Sonata G
Türk Daniel Gottlob Sonatina G

Scarlatti Domenico

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