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About the PWM Orchestral Materials Library

The Hire Library [Dział Zbiorów Nutowych (DZN)] – our hire department, which forms the core of the Warsaw Branch of PWM. This department deals with the rental of scores, piano reductions, orchestral parts, choral parts and libretti for Polish and foreign works according to the needs of musical performance institutions. The library collection includes works by Polish and foreign composers from the Baroque period to modern times. BMO's work also includes rental of materials from foreign publishers who are represented in Poland by PWM Edition. Schott Music, Boosey & Hawkes, Peters Edition and Universal Edition are currently included among a total of 12 foreign publishers.
Representation of PWM's catalogue abroad, however, is carried out by agents whose task also includes promotion in the country. DZN structurally consists of three sections: domestic loans, foreign loans and stage works.



The process of ordering performance materials from PWM is constantly being improved. Since 2010 the Hire Library has been using the Hire Library Management System for Windows (abbreviated HLMSW) for managing all operations related to the renting of formance materials; this system is common among European publishers. This speeds up work at all stages of realising the order (from entry of the order to the system, sending materials, checking returns to invoicing) and provides a flexible inventory system.

A further innovation in the ordering process came in 2011 with the establishment of cooperation with the Zinfonia platform (, which collects information derived directly from some of the biggest lending services and commercial catalogues of works of classical music in one place. Zinfonii automates the ordering process and consequently brings significant time gains in order realisation. PWM's presence in the Zinfonia directory enables wide promotion of Polish music abroad.



Apart from the Hire Library, the Warsaw branch of PWM consists of: a one-person legal department dedicated to all matters related to the lending of materials and promotion of music, looking after all contacts with Philharmonics and orchestras, collaborating with festivals and institutions responsible for the promotion of Polish music (POLMIC, Institute of Music and Dance, National Audiovisual Institute, Adam Mickiewicz Institute and others).

DZN was founded in 1958 in Warsaw as the Central Music Library, the current name was adopted in 2000. In the years 1958-1988 the DZN (then CBN) was located in the Primate's Palace on Ulica Senatorska 13/15 in Warsaw. The Head of the Department was (until 1980) Wanda Doleżal, and then, from 1980-1989 – Jerzy Jasieński. Then, as he recalled years later, "the collection grew considerably with new items in a short time. A staff of sheet music graphic artists was established - draftsmen, whose work was comparable to printed works. The collection did not fit in the basement and the rooms occupied by PWM, and it was necessary to seek a new home. We were able to get the building at ul. Fredry, renovate it, and move a rich collection of music there, give editors a place to work."



From 27 January 1989, when the opening ceremony took place, the Branch's home has been the building at Ulica Fredry 8, a former building of Discount Bank, which was founded before 1897 and designed by Kazimierz Löewe. The building survived the war in a completely undamaged condition, but was devastated in the 1950s. In 1990 the building underwent a general renovation according to a project by Tadeusz Goner with restoration of the banking operation room at the same time as strengthening the ceilings and adapting the construction to the needs of the Library.

In the years 1990–2007 Adam Neuer was director of DZN; currently this function is carried out by Teresa Kozak.

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