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1. The PWM Hire Library will only handle hire orders submitted by institutions and not by private individuals. The subject of the rental are performing materials: full scores, piano reductions, orchestral parts, choral parts, solo parts and librettos.

2. Orders should be submitted on the PWM Hire Library official order form either in person or by fax to +48 22 826 97 80, or by e-mail to: or, or by post to: PWM Edition – Hire Department, ul. Fredry 8, 00-097 Warszawa, Poland. Orders should be stamped with the ordering institution’s stamp and signed by an authorised person. The hire order form is available at or in the PWM Hire Library office.

3. Placing an order indicates the customer has read and has accepted the General Hire Conditions of the PWM Hire Library.

4. Hire orders may be also submitted through the Zinfonia platform ( ) accordingly to the Zinfonia terms and conditions.

5. All information about planned performances which is submitted in hire orders placed into the PWM Hire Library will be announced on in the CONCERTS section.

6. PWM Hire Library will cover costs of the delivery to the customer within Polish territory, return of materials to the Hire Library is at customer’s expense. The cost of all international shipments (to and from foreign customers) and any customs duties are borne by the customer.

7. PWM Hire Library reserves the right to request a deposit for the rental of performing materials; receiving the deposit will be confirmed by the relevant document.

8. The customer is obliged to check immediately upon receipt, whether the material is supplied according to the attached delivery note (the number and type of material) and to notify any shortcomings or defects within 5 working days of receipt. Later complaints will not be considered. 


9. Hired material remains the property of PWM Edition.

10. The ordering institution may use performance materials only after placing a hire order or signing a hire agreement, in which the way and purpose of use of the materials is accurately set out.

11. Any use other than reported in the hire order is only possible after obtaining written consent of the PWM Hire Library under rigour of nullification. Hire Library reserves the right to charge an appropriate, separately agreed fee in this case.

12. The use of the performing materials or the use of fixations of works performed from the said materials, in whole or in part, in the purpose other than the one set out in the hire order/ hire agreement will be treated as a violation of hire conditions/hire agreement. 


13. Unless otherwise noted in the hire agreement, performing materials may not be shared, transferred or used by any third party for any purpose either in whole or in part.

14. The ordering institution is obliged to notify Hire Library of the manner in which the materials were used, within 5 working days from the date notified in the order. The form is included within rented materials. The filled form should be sent to PWM Hire Library by fax to +48 22 826 97 80 or by email to the address or .

15. All performances of a musical-dramatic nature (operas, ballets, musical staging), and any type of recording, synchronization, or other specific use of materials beyond normal regulations require an additional agreement.

16. An additional charge will be made for unauthorized use of materials.

17. Urgent orders, those requested for less than 5 working days, inclusive, before the date of delivery indicated in the hire order, will be charged additionally. This also applies to materials requested on perusal.


18. The ordering institution is responsible and bears the risk for performance material hired for the entire loan period, i.e. from the day of receipt until delivery to PWM Hire Library.

19. Performance materials should be returned carefully packed, complete and in an unaltered condition, in accordance to the agreed date. The deciding date is the receipt of materials by PWM Hire Library. Late return of materials is subject to an additional charge for retention of the material.

20. The customer will pay all the replacement costs of performance materials lost or damaged during the rental period. Performers’ notes may only be delicately made in soft black pencil in a way that they are easy to remove without leaving traces.

21. Rentals are subject to a payment. No hire fee is charged for full scores rented on perusal for the period of 30 days.

22. Quotation of hire fees will be granted only on request of the ordering institution in writing within a maximum of 5 working days from receipt of the request. The ordering institution is obliged to indicate the number of a quotation while placing a hire order.

23. In case of materials marked as POD (Print-On–Demand), PWM Hire Library cannot guarantee that orders, which are placed within less than 20 working days prior to the requested date of delivery, will be executed on time.

24. In case of world premieres, PWM Hire Library reserves time to prepare performing materials for concert works, oratorio-cantatas and stage productions respectively at 3, 6 and 12 months before the planned date of the performance. Later orders are possibile after PWM Library consent but may increase the hire fees.

25. Works protected under the current law on copyright and related rights should be performed in full, according to the score, without any changes in text (as far as it appears in the piece), instrumentation or any other arrangements or versions. In particular, it is forbidden to use a concert piece for a stage performances, without the prior written consent of PWM Edition.

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