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A Music Reader b. 2

for Piano

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The ''Music Reader'' has been conceived as a kind of music magazine for junior music schools. Its aim is to provide children with a valuable music material; and the collecting together of works by various composers of different epochs in one volume will make it easier for a teacher to select a repertory which would have to be assembled from different, not always available, collections. In addition, the Music Reader, as its title suggests, might provide useful material for sight-reading practice. All the pieces in the Music Reader have been checked against urtext editions or the most recent critical editions. The editing in itself has also been modernized in order to make the text as transparent as possible. The editor's performance directions, regarding tempo, dynamics, articulation and so on, have been placed in brackets in order to differentiate them from the composer's marks, while added slurs are pecked. In this way, both teacher and student will be able to distinguish the original marks from those added by the editor, which - of course - are less binding.

  • Series: Educational Series
  • ISMN 979-02740-0705-8
  • Language of edition: pol
  • Number of pages: 44
  • Cover: softcover
  • No. of edition: 10
  • Published: 1996
  • Size: N4 vertical (235x305 mm)

Table of contents:
Mozart Wolfgang Amadeusz Air As
Haydn Józef Allegro Es
Beethoven Ludwik van Allemande Es
Beethoven Ludwik van Allemande G

Chaczaturian Aram


Kabalewski Dymitr

Bajka op. 27 nr 20

Kabalewski Dymitr

Błazny cyrkowe op. 39 nr 20
Haendel Georg Friedrich Bourée G
Graupner Christoph Entrée

Kabalewski Dymitr

Galop op. 39 nr 18
Graupner Christoph Gawot G

Iszkowska Zofia

Morszczyk K. Kanon

Bartók Béla


Bacewicz Grażyna

Kołysanka g

Kabalewski Dymitr

Łatwe wariacje op. 51 nr 1

Prokofiew Sergiusz

Marsz op. 65 nr 10

Bartók Béla

Melodia ludowa
Haydn Józef Menuet C
Haydn Józef Menuet Es
Beethoven Ludwik van Menuet F

Schubert Franz

Menuet F

Mozart Leopold

Musette C

Greczaninow Aleksander

Na polance op. 98 nr 6

Bacewicz Grażyna

Oberek G
Morszczyk K. Piosenka góralska

Bartók Béla

Piosenka ludowa
Ogiński Michał Polonez B
Ogiński Michał Polonez G

Paciorkiewicz Tadeusz

Rowley Alec Preludium i fugetta op. 42 nr 4

Greczaninow Aleksander

Przechadzka poranna op. 123 nr 1

Goedicke Aleksandr

Scherzo op. 6 nr 15

Casella Alfredo


Paciorkiewicz Tadeusz

Smutna dziewczyna
Jordański Michaił Taniec op. 24 nr 2
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