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Violin Concerto No. 2

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In this work, the composer achieved a state of austere simplicity (...) by creating many quasi-mechanical vigorous passages, the ''moto-perpetuo'' movement (...), by using robust, short motives and their invariants, as well as simple modal harmonies only occasionally tending towards richer sonority (...). Every now and then this austere expressiveness is softened by some lyrical sections, such as the berceuse-like Andante in the second movement of the Concerto, where a certain ''picturesqueness'' of the compositional technique represented by, for example, the articulation polyphony finds its expression in the music. The overpowering movement (...), however, predominant in that period (...), has its only roots in the structural principles, in its drawing on the Baroque figuration (...) [M. Gąsiorowska, op. cit.]

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  • Type: score

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