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for Piano

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While working on the score of his ''Concerto for Orchestra'', the composition in which his original treatment of folk-music reached its stylistic perfection, Lutosławski completed the ''Bucolics'' for the piano, based on tunes from Kurpie (a district lying to the north-east of Warsaw) collected by the Rev. Władysław Skierkowski. With astounding inventiveness Lutosławski has here applied a number of subtle methods, always perfectly fitted to the folk-music material, while showing the expressive qualities of the original in completely new light. The exemplary balance of the means used - the texture and the miniature form - is also especially noteworthy. 

  • Series: Educational Series
  • Number of pages: 8
  • Cover: softcover
  • No. of edition: 8
  • Published: 2013
  • Size: N4 vertical (235x305 mm)

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