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Musica sinfonica in tre movimenti

for Large Symphony Orchestra

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  • Cat. no. 5957


This composition differs from other Bacewicz's works in every respect: the traditional subject matter or motivic material is abandoned and replaced by a tangle of instrumental lines conducted in a completely different manner; the work's texture and orchestration are entirely new, unusually enriched and varied; an extremely colourful instrumentation and its incessantly varied pulsation fascinates the listener; there is no trace of the former homogeneous, clear-cut (sometimes even awkward) and vigorous rhythms of Bacewicz's earlier compositions. Of the utmost importance for me, however, is a new kind of emotionalism, the new expression which pervades the piece: a Rousselian monumentalism of the four symphonies is replaced by a very direct and spontaneous expressionism... [S. Kisielewski, Ruch Muzyczny 1965, No. 17]